The Shack

The Main Operating Position

Apache Labs Anan 200D, Shure SM7B/Behringer B1, external audio rack(Behringer, Nady, Alesis gear not currently used), Ameritron AL-80BX, Homebrew Balanced L-Network Antenna Tuner, Telepost LP500 Station Monitor, Hitachi 60mhz Oscilloscope, Edifier R1280T Speakers, Yamaha YST-SW030 Subwoofer, Dell XPS 8700 i7-4770, 16gb RAM, Samsung EVO 250gb SSD, Nvidia GTX 1050ti GPU, 32″ 4k 144hz Monitor, & a 24″ 1080p 60hz Monitor

The Vintage AM Station

Heathkit DX-100 Transmitter Restored By Myself, National NC-303 W/ Matching NTS-2 Speaker Restored By Myself, Hammarlund HQ-140-X, Astatic “G-Stand” D-104, Heathkit A-7D Mono Block Audio Amplifier, National NTS-2 Speaker,  Heathkit HM-102 SWR/Watt Meter


Homebrew Balanced “L” Network Tuner


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