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Thanks for visiting W3MMR.com! My name is Perry, formally callsign KC3JVE, and ive been around radio my entire 32 years on this earth. I first got on the radio in 1999 and frequented the 11m band until 2 years ago when I got my ticket. AM is my passion. I LOVE AM. The smooth, hi-fidelity of a great sounding AM station is second to NONE, in my opinion. I love DXing as well! I have been enjoying digital modes and would like to explore other modes of operation. I have been getting into DMR as of late and it has also been a lot of fun. My father has been a HAM since the mid 60s and some of my earliest memories are of him having QSO’s on the bands and neighbors knocking on the door at all hours telling my fathers that hes coming thru their tv’s and radios. But I guess when you have a 70′ crank up tower, Mosely Pro Series Yagi, Shakespere Big Stick 10′ above that, 80m dipole strung over the house, and a 2m/70cm Vertical on the roof, the neighbors know where to look.

Follow the navigation links at the top of the page and check things out. I hope you enjoy!

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