My name is Perry, and ive been on and around ham radio my entire life. AM is my passion. I LOVE AM. The smooth, hi-fidelity of a great sounding AM station is second to NONE, in my opinion. I also enjoy DXing via Phone and FT8. I also operate DMR at times using an Anytone 868 HT. My father, W2SDR, also my elmer, has been a HAM since the early 1960s and some of my earliest memories are of him having QSO’s in to VK land.

    Besides radio, I love baseball. I am a die hard Philadelphia Phillies fan. I never miss a game on TV. I would love to go to and see more games live, but I get to 3 or 4 a year. I enjoy the outdoors and hanging with my son Dixon and my dog Hank.


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